You know you have a book in you.

You’ve known that for months or maybe even years, and yet you still haven’t written it. While you’re trying to figure out how you can get your book down on paper, more days and months go by.

Should you give up trying and hire a ghostwriter? Or, should you try to devote more time to get the writing done yourself?

Only you can answer that depending on your specific situation.

Here are some things you might want to consider that will help you decide.

Have You Written a Book Before?

If you’ve written a book before, then you know it’s not a quick or easy task. Writing a book is a lot of work.

But what I’ve found is that once you write a book, it gets easier the more you write them. Just like any other task or job, the first time is a learning experience. After that, you’ve learned some things along the way that help you to make the job easier the next time.

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If you haven’t written a book before, then you’re probably going to underestimate the task. I know I did, and many other authors I know did as well.

You have to plan out what you’re putting in the book, create an outline, research your facts, and conduct interviews, if necessary. Then you have to start the actual writing process. You’ll also likely discover at some point that additional information or research is needed.

And once all the writing is done, you’re going to need to edit and proofread the content.

Regardless of whether you’ve written a book before or not, you need to understand the work involved and determine if you’re up for it or if it’s in your best interest to hire a ghostwriter.

How Much Time Do You Have to Write Your Book?

A full-length book can be anywhere between 50,000 – 100,000 words, or between 200 – 400 pages.

How much time do you have to devote to writing that much content? Not to mention the research and planning that goes with it?

If you started writing a book months or years ago, and it’s still not done, it’s time to be honest about whether it will ever get done.

The longer it takes you to write your book, the more time goes by that your audience isn’t hearing your story. And when your audience doesn’t know about you, then they can’t do business with you.

Some people have the discipline to carve out time on a regular basis to write, but others have way too busy of a schedule.

If you find yourself in the latter category and know you have a book in you, it’s time to either adjust your schedule or hire a ghostwriter.

Are You Stuck and Can’t Seem to Move Forward with Your Book?

Maybe it’s just writer’s block or you simply don’t know what needs to happen next for your book.

You think you’ll get back to it or an idea will come to you in your sleep, but it hasn’t.

One thing you can do is to go back to your outline or notes to see if you missed something. Or, maybe you can work around the section you’re stuck on and fill in the holes as you go.

The important thing is to keep writing and moving your book forward.

But what happens if you can’t?

hire a ghostwriter

Then it’s time to hire a ghostwriter to help you get your book back on track. You can hire them as a consultant to guide you the rest of the way. Or, you can work them one-on-one so that they can finish writing it for you.

The main point here is – don’t let a simple hiccup let your book die before it has a chance to come to life.

Do You Need to Hire a Ghostwriter?

Only you can answer that question.

But the real question you have to ask is: how important is it for you to have your book in your audience’s hands?

If you answered the way I think you did, then it’s time to figure out how to write your book and finish it or hire a ghostwriter who can get the job done for you now.

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